The new album from Explone

suicide fences

Coming 2015

Explone is the music of Patrick R. Porter, aided and abetted by Nelson Estes, Kyle Stevens and Scott Andrew. Lured by lighthouses such as Cheap Trick, Hüsker Dü, Nada Surf and Swervedriver, Explone charts a confident course through frenzied power-pop guitars, bittersweet melodies and occasional sprawling shoegaze crescendos. The resulting music is indie rock drunk on melody and melancholy. 

Explone’s newest offering is the EP Telescope + Satellite, released in September 2012. Subtitled as “six songs about transformation and death,” the EP explores themes of mortality and longing in 3- and 4-minute bursts. It also delivers some impeccably arranged ear candy, making all the literary hoo-hah purely optional.

Porter formed Explone in 2005 as a recording project and an outlet for his own songs. A veteran of many Seattle bands including Crystal Radio, The Bourbonites and Red Jacket Mine, with Explone he stepped out of the sideman role and up to the microphone for the first time. Inspired by ornate pop artists like The Spinanes and Josh Rouse, Porter wrote a set of textured, intimate songs and set to work recording them. Initially joined by Josh Williams on drums, Porter did the rest and the pair released Crooks, their debut album. Hardly a typical singer-songwriter album, Crooks created a band feel before the band had fully materialized.

Explone played shows around the Northwest while gradually evolving from a songwriting and recording project into a full-fledged band. Pretty soon the last vestiges of singer-songwriter-ism had been purged, and Explone had morphed into a wholehearted rock ensemble, behind the lineup of bassist Scott Andrew, guitarist Kyle Stevens and drummer Nelson Estes.

Working with producer and engineer Shawn Simmons (The Head and the Heart, The Maldives, The Devil Whale), Porter and his bandmates committed this new sound to tape. This time the guitars stepped unabashedly to the fore, as they drew on a more amplified set of influences: 70's power pop, 80's post punk, and English shoegazers from the 90's. Working with Simmons, the band molded the new group of songs into a sharp-edged whole, producing the 2010 full length Dreamers/Lovers, and following right into 2012’s Telescope + Satellite.

Explone has enjoyed great support from indie radio powerhouse KEXP, including twice being featured in their Song of the Day podcast and showcase (“St Yesterday” and “Michigan”). The band has shared the stage with many notable acts, including The Jealous Sound, Grant Hart, The Devil Whale and many others.