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suicide fences

Coming 2015

Explone : Telescope & Satellite

Open Up A Window  
He's A Bat  
Trap Door  
Golden Ballroom  
Gets In The Way  
Telescope & Satellite  

Explone : Dreamers/Lovers

Half By Morning   lyrics
St. Yesterday   lyrics
Best Friend   lyrics
It's Complicated   lyrics
I Can't Wait lyrics
Michigan   lyrics
Torn In Three lyrics
Girl w/a Black Eye lyrics
This Race Already Run lyrics
Crashing lyrics
Waiting World lyrics

A few tracks left over from the Dreamers/Lovers sessions, including a cover song by one of our favorite bands The Devil Whale.

Explone : Dreamers/Lovers B-Sides

You Were Good  download 
Mirror  download 
Hard To Keep A Secret  download 

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Here you can grab some final MP3 versions of Crooks if you are so inclined. We hope you enjoy the music.

Explone : Crooks

slipknot song lyrics
the highest time  downloadlyrics
arms around lyrics
out of town  downloadlyrics
overjoyed  downloadlyrics
speed of light lyrics
you‘re drunk and your daddy still wants to go  downloadlyrics
apartment in the sky lyrics
it’s all right lyrics
stark raving white lyrics

What happens when your friend sets a digital recorder on the floor in front of you at a house concert? Well, for one thing you probably step on it a few times. But you also end up with a cool, lo-fi live recording. (Thanks John.)
This show was a benefit for Home Alive, hence the title. My next live album will officially be called Making Out With The Night.

Explone : Home Alive

rachel goes on the record  download 
slipknot song  download 
memphis  download 
out of town (w/ andrea maxand)  download 
down all the way  download 
overjoyed  download 
who feels like  download